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The Underwater World of Frozen Sassolo Lake

Lake Sassolo is located in Switzerland. It is surrounded by the Alps and located on the place which is about 2000 meters above sea level. The lake is filled with huge pieces of ice which never disappears there. During the winter, the lake gets frozen completely.Here you can see a few of magnificent photos made by diving photographer Franco Banfi who explored the underwater world of this beautiful lake.
sassolo ice lake 1
There you can see how eternal ice formations have formed some kind of ice-caves in this lake.Franco Banfi is famous diving photographer who has a long career as a underwater photographer. He has dived in lakes all around the world and took some astonishing photos of underwater worlds.
sassolo ice lake 2

sassolo ice lake 3
sassolo ice lake 4
sassolo ice lake 5
sassolo ice lake 6
sassolo ice lake 8
sassolo ice lake 9
sassolo ice lake 10
sassolo ice lake 11
sassolo ice lake 12


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