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The Beauty of Wheat Fields Captured

Is there anything more peaceful than looking on a wheat field? Here are some amazing photos showing the beauty of wheat. Wheat is a sort of grass that is the leading source of vegetable protein in human food. It is originally from the region of the Near East. It is the third most-produced cereal after maize and rice, and the number of production is around 607 million tons every year.
wheat photo 1
These shots show how amazing wheat is, especially the ones where the sun is hitting the yellow wheat and the colors mix up so well. A perfect harmonically view on nature, and what it gives us. We should be more aware of the nature around us, and that without it we wouldn’t be here either. So these photographs can make us think twice about how we treat nature: actually we only destroy for ourselves when we destroy forests and fields. Speaking of beautiful nature photos, here is a photo selection of Plitvice lake group that is considered as Europe’s most beautiful.
wheat photo 2
wheat photo 3

wheat photo 4
wheat photo 5
wheat photo 6
wheat photo 7
wheat photo 8
wheat photo 9
wheat photo 10
wheat photo 11
wheat photo 12
wheat photo 13
wheat photo 14
wheat photo 15
wheat photo 16
wheat photo 17
wheat photo 18
wheat photo 19
wheat photo 20
wheat photo 21


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