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Huge and White Mushroom Stones

In Bulgaria you can find beautiful and weird nature, and one of the examples is the Giant Stone Mushrooms of Beli Plast. They are basically white lime stones that are shaped like mushrooms, and they will get up to 3 meters. It took them thousands of years to be shaped like this, and there are a lot of myths going on about these stones. One of them is that the stones are actually severed heads of four sisters who was pursued after fleeing an oppressor. Nobody believes that today, but it just makes the mushroom stones more mysterious.
stone mushrooms 1
They got their weird shape because lot of water has eroded the stones to make them look like this, because the “mushrooms” are mostly located by lakes or rivers. The water has now of course left the area, and the funny shape is the result of its work. Other stones that have strange shape are the Moeraki Boulders.
stone mushrooms 2

stone mushrooms 3
stone mushrooms 4
stone mushrooms 5
stone mushrooms 6
stone mushrooms 7
stone mushrooms 8


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