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Cancun Underwater Sculptures

if you like to dive and you like sculptures, this is definitely the place for you. The underwater museum at Cancun in Mexico is the largest underwater sculpture museum in the world. It is pretty new, because the project of placing the sculptures began in the end of 2009 and is planned finish in December 2010. The museum is placed in the waters of the Cancun Nation Marine Park.
underwater sculpture 1
Some of the concrete sculptures were destroyed by some recent storms, but the staff will get it back on track once they place all the sculptures. It has a important purpose, because the corals that is growing from the sculptures are good for the underwater environment and marine life.
underwater sculpture 2
This is done because the actual corals in the Caribbean Sea get destroyed by the visitors that want to
experience them. The concrete sculptures look like lost soul holding hands, and it gives a mysterious touch to the bottom of the park’s waters. Other amazing things that you can experience under water are these caves in the Bahamas Blue Holes.
underwater sculpture 3
underwater sculpture 4
underwater sculpture 5
underwater sculpture 6
underwater sculpture 7
underwater sculpture 8
underwater sculpture 9
underwater sculpture 10
underwater sculpture 11


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