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World's incredible glaciers

Global warming threatens glaciers. In the news time from time slips that one or another icy river is endangered. So the best way is to hurry in order to make sure that the photos do not lie, and the ice really is all shades of blue and pink colors, and not white, as it appears to those who saw it only in the form of icicles, hanging from the roofs of houses.

Here I have compiled some of the most beautiful glaciers around the globe. I hope you will like it.
Biafo Glacier, Pakistan

Biafo glacier takes us to a journey to the edge of the ice plains and to the Snow Lake. You will not stop appreciating its grandeur of the surrounding flora and fauna.

10 Most Extreme Places on Earth

This is one extreme list. It has it all Hottest coldest even wettest. Imagine living in a place so remote the mail only comes once a year. Or reaching the summit of the highest place on earth…which isn’t Mt.Everest….. Surprised. Go Read on to learn about some of the most extreme places on the planet.

Here I have compiled some of the most extreme places on earth. I hope you will like it.
Lut Desert, Iran

10 Most Beautiful Mountains of the World

Perhaps Sir Edmund Hillary the New Zealand mountaineer and explorer said it best when he remarked, “It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.” No matter how daunting the task, pure human ambition has overcome unconquerable odds to subdue the tallest peaks in the world. If mountains are the “stairway to god’s heart”, we have no doubt stood beside him as equals.

Here I have compiled some of the most beautiful mountain peaks of the world. I hope you will like it.
Ama Dablam, Eastern Nepal

Hawaii Volcano Park Closes, Due To Toxic Fog

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, one of the main attractions on America's outpost in the Pacific, was closed earlier this week due to an eruption of sulfur gas fumes from Mount Kilauea.
Image from Cat Butler on Flickr
Some 2,000 people were evacuated from the scene on Tuesday, and the park remains closed.
Volcanic Fog (Vog, for short) forms when the sulfur dioxide reacts with oxygen, sunlight, dust particles, and the like, to form a highly toxic mix that hangs suspended in the air. It also typically includes such dangerous substances as sulfuric acid. When it's not melting your face, it can cause severe breathing problems especially among those who suffer from asthma, bronchitis, and emphysema.
The dangerous gas has so far forced 6 people into Red Cross shelters, and another 42 into hotels; the park officials are persisting in their hope that the trade winds will resume on Thursday and clear the islands, but are cautioning against any such hope in the citizenry, because, well, that's what officials do in times of natural crisis.

How Ecotourism is Destroying Antarctica

Image: *christopher*
Written by new contributor, Andy Stone
Problems were inevitable for Antarctic tourism from the start. Seen by many as the last unspoiled landmass on earth, the unique and vulnerable ecosystem is what attracts people to our southernmost continent. How do we handle tourism to a place whose only appeal to most of us is its lack of large-scale human contact? Doesn't that defeat the purpose?