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Lovely Strawberry Fields Photography

Most Beautiful Gardens All Over The World

Earth Planet Beautiful Views From Satellite - Must See

Earth Planet Full View

A sand storm leaves North Africa and the Canary Islands

E-Waste Fields Ghana

It's awful, but millions of tons of electronic waste from first world countries goes every year to Ghana. People there has therefore begun with illegal e-waste trade. 3000 people actually make a living out of selling everything from keyboards and computer monitors to old hard drives and TVs.

But the people are breathing in toxic chemical each day which is extremely dangerous for their health. For first time visitors it’s a horrible experience to enter the area because they immediately get a bad headache. The saddest part is that both women and children are working out on the fields filled with e-waste.

E-Waste Ghana

Katowice, Poland

Bacterium Under Microscope

You may think these alien-looking bacteria would be unwelcome guests, but these lifeforms actually make up 90 per cent of the living cells in our bodies. As these incredible CGI images show, the human body is home to trillions of weird and wonderful lifeforms.Tube shaped escherichia coli use their three tails to swim vigorously up and down our guts, while salmonella which are famous for food poisoning scares live happily on our skin with no ill effects to us.

Captured Lightning

The Beauti Of Purple Colour

Faeroe Islands - The Vikings Valley

Kandol Lake HQ Images - Swat valley Pakistan

Kundol Lake is a lake in Pakistan. The pastoral valley of Swat valley has abundance of precious resorts of nature where one can find solace and respite from the never-ending struggle of life. Kundal or Kandolo Lake is one such place here upon which the Maestro of nature has spent extra time and effort to paint. Kundal Lake is situated in the north of Utror valley. One can easily access it from Kalam via Utror from where a link road ends in a green valley called Ladu in the foothills of the lake. You can either hike to Ladu from Utror or take a four-wheeler to ease and minimize your journey.

It consumes almost two hours to reach the beautiful valley of Ladu. For the adventurous kind, a walk in the romantic valley will unravel several new mysteries. The people who take temporary residency over here during summer plow the open land and harvest potatoes and turnips, which are famous all over the country for its exotic taste. There is also a small hut in Ladu where you can take tea and get something for eating. From Ladu it takes almost four hours to reach the lake. Some locals can guide you and even take your luggage if properly paid. The mountains around this small valley are covered with tall cedar and pine trees and meandered by different streams and torrents. The people are friendly and provide you guidance if required.

Borith Lake Pakistan - Images & Detail

Borith Lake is a lake in the Northern Areas of Pakistan. Borith is a hamlet in the surroundings of the Borith Lake to the northwest of Hussaini, a village near Gulmit, Gojal, in the upper Hunza. The altitude of Borith is roughly 2,600 m (8,500 feet) above sea level.It lies approximately 2 km to the north of Ghulkin, a saline body of water occupying a small hollow at an elevation of 2,500 meters (8,200 feet). The lake can be reached via a 2 km unpaved jeep route from Hussaini village, which lies adjacent to Ghulkin village. It is also accessible by a 2-3 hour trekking route directly from Ghuylkin, across the end of the Ghulkin glacier. The site is an important sanctuary for migrating wildfowl and is a must to be included in the itinerary of bird-watchers and nature lovers. To witness the large number of ducks arriving from the warmer parts of southern Pakistan, one should visit between the months of March and June. The birds rest here on their way northwards to the cooler waters of central Asia. Similarly, from September–November, the spectacle occurs in reverse with the onset of winter towards the north.A short trek of one hour each way will bring you to Ghulkin Glacier. Just follow the trekking route towards Borith Lake as far as the edge of the glacier, and return by the same route.For the more adventurous, a longer walk to Passu Gar Glacier is another attraction, crossing both Ghulkin Glacier and Borith Lake. Having crossed Ghulkin Glacier by the same route, continue on the southern side of Borith Lake past the settlement of Borith Bala and the now deserted settlement of Shahabad. The lack of a continuous water supply led to the desertification of this village many years ago. On reaching Passu Gar, one finds a spectacular view of all the icy crenellations along its length. The walk takes about 4–5 hours form Ghulkin to Passu. From the glacier, a path leads down to the Karakorum Highway and the Shisper Hotel.

Ngorongoro Crater – 8th Wonder Of The World

The Ngorongoro Conservation Area (NCA) is a conservation area and a UNESCO World Heritage Site situated 180 km (112 miles) west of Arusha in the Crater Highlands area of Tanzania. The conservation area is administered by the Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority, an arm of the Tanzanian government, and its boundaries follow the boundary of the Ngorongoro Division of Ngorongoro District. The Ngorongoro Crater, a large volcanic caldera, lies within the area.

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Reed Flute Cave, Guilin, Guangxi, China
The cave got its name from the verdant  reeds growing outside it, with which people make flutes. Inside this  water-eroded cave is a spectacular world of various stalactites, stone  pillars and rock formations created by carbonate deposition. Illuminated  by colored lighting, the fantastic spectacle is found in many  variations along this 240-meter-long cave.

Breathtaking Photos Of Nature