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Eaglehawk Neck – A Beautiful Place With Horrible History

Eaglehawk Neck was once a horrible place where prisoners were tortured and terrorized. Today, it is beautiful calm place where nature has almost erased the trails of its bad history. Eaglehawk Neck links island Tasman Peninsula to mainland Tasmania in Australia.
eaglehawk neck 1
This island is known by tessellated pavement, rare nature phenomenon caused by erosion. The main feature of areas hit by such kind of erosion are the rocks which are fractured into regular rectangles. Eaglehawck Neck is one of the world’s most characteristic examples for such kind of erosion.
eaglehawk neck 2

eaglehawk neck 3
As we said earlier, during the first half of 19th century, this place hosted the prison at Port Arthur. It is famous by the so-called dog lines which were made across the neck to prevent escaping prisoners reach the sea.
eaglehawk neck 4
eaglehawk neck 5
eaglehawk neck 6
The Port Atrhur prison was known as one of the most kept prisons in that time and only a few of prisoners managed to escape. One of those who managed to escape from this prison was Martin Cash who became famous by escaping twice from prison. The prison is now rearranged to be a museum and it is one of the most visited tourist locations in Australia.
eaglehawk neck 7
eaglehawk neck 8
The bad voice of this place has been recently renewed in 1996. when horrible mass murder happened there, however, it still remains beautiful touristic destination.


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