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Svalbard – Place With The Cleanest Atmosphere On Earth

It’s claimed that the cleanest atmosphere is to be found on the Norwegian island Svalbard, which makes it a perfect location for astronomical, meteorological or climate research. Svalbard is located between North Pole and Greenland. Svalbard has historically been a base for both whaling and fishing, but now the main industries are tourism, coal mining and of course research.
svalbard 1
Even NASA has a research station on Svalbard. The whole landscape in Svalbard is marked with different kinds of measuring technological equipment. Photographer Christian Houge has been capturing the beauty of this landscape and this stunning and powerful equipment. He has captured the coldness and the loneliness, but it still looks mystic, like the radars are already communicating with aliens. Speaking of lonely places in arctic places, here are the abandoned hut of Robert Scott on Antarctica.
svalbard 2

svalbard 3
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