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Plitvice Lakes – The Most Beautiful Lakes In Europe

If you want to see beauty on earth, pack your bags and head to Plitvice lakes located in Croatia. The Picturesque beauty of the Plitvice lakes makes it one of the oldest tourist sites. Sixteen lakes form the Plitvice lakes National Park.
plitvice lakes 1
These lakes are surrounded by three mountains. So one can see why the lakes are so admired for their distinctive colors, azure, green, grey or blue. The colors may change with different seasons and the quantity of mineral in them .The focus of sunlight on the lakes flora and fauna may also assign it a distinct color.
plitvice lakes 2

plitvice lakes 3
One cannot think but marvel at this pristine beauty of nature flowing through the mountains of Croatia. The Tourist lakes first become a tourist attraction in the 19th century. As these lakes were located by the disputed Bosnia-Herzegovina border, the parks were converted into army barracks but later UNESCO ended the par of gloom and named these lakes as world heritage site.
plitvice lakes 4
plitvice lakes 5
plitvice lakes 6
There are twelve upper lakes and four lower lakes formed by their descent from the mountains. Every now and then, the silent pristine lakes come alive with silvery fishes darting through the waters and wolves and deer’s from the forest stooping by the lake to quench their thirst. Nature unravels to mankind beauty at its pinnacle, Plitvice lakes can truly be referred to as paradise on earth.


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