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Beautiful Underwater Caves in Bahamas Blue Holes

The Bahamas – known for its tropical islands, miles upon miles of sandy beaches, clear warm water and coral reefs. But it hides a little secret called the “blue holes” that are located under the water and look like beautiful blue vertical caves. Bahamas has quite a few blue holes that make up a whole underwater cave system. From the sky they look scary like dark blue holes in the ocean, and they are dangerous, so only professional divers can experience it. Still there is not much to see because there is almost no sea life there because of the poor water circulation. This also causes a large number of bacteria developing.
blue holes bahamas 1
The deepest blue hole is located in Bahamas and is 202 meters deep (663 ft.) and is called Dean’s Blue Hole. Looking at the pictures the blue holes look like a fantasy underworld where the colors are beautifully mixed up. Too bad only professionals can explore it and enjoy the beauty of the blue underwater caves. Other beauties of the underwater that everyone can visit are the fabulous Red Sea Star restaurant in Israel, located 6 meters under the sea.
blue holes bahamas 2

blue holes bahamas 3
blue holes bahamas 4
blue holes bahamas 5
blue holes bahamas 6
blue holes bahamas 7
blue holes bahamas 8
blue holes bahamas 9
blue holes bahamas 10
blue holes bahamas 11
blue holes bahamas 12
blue holes bahamas 13
blue holes bahamas 14
blue holes bahamas 15


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