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A Geyser Not Like Any Other Geyser

This weird fly geyser can be found in Hualapai Valley near Gerlach in Nevada. It “made itself” during the 1960s by all the water and minerals that is their content. Around the geyser small fishes live in the pounds, as well as swans and mallards. This fly geyser is 4 meters high and is built by many years of minerals just piling around it.
fly geyser 1
Under the geyser there are lots of mud and dirt. The minerals and the sun has made the geyser so colorful, that it looks like it comes from another planet, because you are probably used to the geysers from Iceland. The water can squirt up to two meters in the air spraying the surroundings with fresh and hot water.
fly geyser 2
I didn’t know that you could find something that beautiful in the nature of Nevada. When you look at other
colorful nature objects, you will find this amazing and crazy colored Eucalyptus tree in South America.
fly geyser 3
fly geyser 4
fly geyser 5
fly geyser 6
fly geyser 7
fly geyser 8
fly geyser 9
fly geyser 10
fly geyser 11
fly geyser 12
fly geyser 13
fly geyser 14
fly geyser 15


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