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Lofoten – Beautiful Paradise For Fishes

In Nordland region in Norway you can find an arctic paradise called Lofoten. It has a million species of birds and a amazing sea life. You will also find a lot of otters in the area, swimming around peacefully.
lofoten 1
It is definitely the center for cod fisheries, and the paradise for all fishermen. The climate is perfect for those conditions, and it is actually the largest positive temperature anomaly in the world relative to latitude. It was the first recorded town in northern Norway during the Viking time.
lofoten 2

lofoten 3
For centuries huge amounts of fish has been exported from Lofoten to the rest of Norway, and it is still like this today. The fish never disappears from those location it seems.
lofoten 4
lofoten 5
The nature is worth mentioning because it is absolutely stunning but not a lot of people in the world know about it. You can also see the midnight sun from May to June, but there are almost no sunlight during the long long winter.
lofoten 6
lofoten 7
Lofoten is a place you definitely have to visit. You can see more stunning nature on the list of the 10 tallest waterfalls of the world.
lofoten 8
lofoten 9
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