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The Crater Lake – A Lake With A Legend

The Crater Lake is a legendary lake with spiritual powers as stated by the local Klamath Tribe of Native America. They consider the Crater Lake as a sacred site formed as a result of the battle between their sky God Skell and Llao the God of the underworld .And that the consequent destruction of the mount Mazama led to the formation of the Crater Lake. They also perform various feats on the Cladera walls in quests of attaining spiritual prominence in their tribe.
crater lake 1
crater lake 2
The Crater Lake is better known for the Crater Lake national Park located in the south central region of the U.S.state of Oregon. The pristine lake has a unique deep blue color and clear water. It is a cladera lake
where 1.958 foot of water fills the cladera to form a lake. Around 7,700 years ago the collapse of the Mount Mozama led to the formation of the crater which is now known as the Crater Lake. Some also refer to it as the ‘Old man of the lake’.
crater lake 3
crater lake 4
crater lake 5
Studies reveal that the lake has hydrothermal activity remains in its floor suggesting that at some point of time the Mount Mazama may erupt once again. In a nutshell, the Crater Lake is a panoramic representation of nature’s way of evolving from a volcano into a crater lake.


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