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Belogradchik – Misterious Rock Formations Full Of Legends

Weird rock formations has created what is today Belogradchik Rocks in Bulgaria. Limestone, sandstone and conglomerates are parts of the formation, and the rocks range up to several hundreds of meters. They are all covered in beautiful shades and colors like red, grey and yellow.
belogradchik 1
It is the place on the Balkans that has the most legends surrounding it, and some people even think ghosts live there. 230 years ago the formation for this landmark started, and the rocks have names like Adam and Eve, Rebel Velko, the Dervish and goddess Bendida.
belogradchik 2

belogradchik 3
The rocks have gotten so many weird shapes throughout the years, others have lost their shape, and some even look like faces, a bit creepy, huh? It will stay misterious, and we can just wonder if someone lives there today, whether it is humans or other creatures. Formation has also made these stones called Moeraki Boulders look like this today.
belogradchik 4
belogradchik 5
belogradchik 6
belogradchik 7
belogradchik 8
belogradchik 9
belogradchik 10
belogradchik 11
belogradchik 12
belogradchik 13
belogradchik 14
belogradchik 15
belogradchik 16
belogradchik 17


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