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Salinas Grandes: Snow-white Desert In Argentina

Looking at this snow-white landscape one may probably associate it with snow and cold. Don't trust this first impression as the temperature in the Argentinian salt desert Salinas Grandes can reach +45 °C.

Salinas Grandes is a vast salt marsh situated at the height of 170 meter between two mountain ranges.

A highway and a railroad cross the salt marsh and the ride always open breathtaking news.

General area of the desert - about 8500 square meters.

Salinas Grandes is actually the bottom of a dried-up lake and this lifeless plain is good only for mineral salt extraction.

Sometimes water gets accumulated in the desert - it gets brought by rains or tickles down from the mountains.

Because of the extreme heat the water vapors very fast.

Minerals get crystallized right here, one has just to scrape them off.

The desert attracts tourists, too.
Salinas 18
Travellers can observe the process of mineral salt extraction.

A trip across the salt desert is a rather extreme thing to do. Brave tourists are advised to wear good sunglasses and provide themselves with fresh water, as it is impossible to find it in Salinas Grandes.

One could have a lunch in the open-air "Salt restaurant".

Or buy salt figures made by local workers.

Salinas 26
The salt marsh is encircled by mountains.
Salinas 27



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