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10 Most Beautiful Underground Lakes of the World

Far below the Earth’s surface, where the sun rarely penetrates, is a world of twinkling glow worms, precious gems and limestone caves and mountains, a land inhabited by nature alone. Within this world are visions to rival many landscapes decorating our horizon, lakes lie still and calm, great networks of caves know no borders and rivers and rivulets carve an ever-evolving terrain.
I invite you to explore this remarkable subterranean domain through these incredible images. So here I have compiled some of the most beautiful underground lakes of the world. I hope you will like it.
Mellisani Caves

This underground lake in Mellisani Caves, near Kefalonia, was found when the roof of the cave collapsed after an earthquake in 1953.
Cheddar Gorge Caves

Cheddar Gorge is Britain’s biggest canyon and is found within the Cheddar Caves, where the UK’s oldest complete human skeleton was found in 1903 , the remains were estimated to be 9,000 years old.
Hamilton Pool

Hamilton Pool Preserve, in Austin, Texas, was created quite naturally when the dome of an underground cave collapsed revealing this stunning natural pool. It is now frequented by day-trippers and naturalists.
Reed Flute Cave

Reed Flute Cave in Guilin, China was discovered during the Tang Dynasty almost 1,300 years ago.
Luray Caverns, Virginia

Stalagtites adorn the roof of Luray Caverns, Virginia, the still waters throwing a perfect reflection.
Wookey Caves, England

Legend has it that early cavemen inhabited Wookey Caves in Somerset, England.
Lechuguilla Cave

Lechuguilla Cave, in Carlsbad Caverns National Park, New Mexico is the fifth longest cave discovered yet at 120 miles long and measures 489 meters deep, making it the deepest in continental United States.
Macan Ché

This underground lake near Macan Ché on the Yucatán Peninsula is one of many that are considered to be gifts from the gods by the Mayans, and therefore sacred.

The limestone flow feeding into this underground lake in Mexico resembles a waterfall turned to stone. Maybe the Ice Queen is privy to this particular cavern?
Banff, Canada

How long must it have taken for this little waterfall in Banff, Canada, to make this underwater lake?


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