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American Fanciful Clay Mushrooms

Not far away from the city of Page in the USA, there is a very beautiful and at the same time unusual place, where gigantic stone mushrooms rise above the ground. It is called Rim Rock Hoodoos, and it seems unbelievable how these mysterious constructions stayed in such a good condition till nowadays though being made of simple soft sandstone.
Two colors prevail here: sandy-white-yellow and clay-brick-red. Clever Mother Nature carefully separated these two colors from each other and didn't let them get mixed.

Some views on the way to the mushrooms

Even in winter there are lots of cactuses and burrs all over this place which prick really painfully and even can tear your clothes. So it's better to walk around them.

Mushrooms appear quite suddenly.

Many of them resemble a chicken leg.

There are more than two dozens of mushrooms here.

A closer look at the colorful clay.

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