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Fascinating Satellite Snapshots Of Earth

All presented pictures are real photos of the Earth created by means of visible infra-red data in the range of colors perceived by human eye. The range was picked up in special way to look brighter.
United States Geological Survey (USGS), the main station on gathering and processing data from Landsat 7 sattellite is situated in South Dakota, US.
Kampeche state, the Yucatan peninsula, Mexico.

"The Icelandic Tiger" –  the Ejjafjor region, Iceland.

Black Hills, South Dakota, USA (3D format).

Tourfan basin, China - a mix of salty lakes and sandy dunes.

Kabo-San-Antonio, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The most active volcano of Mexico - Colima, Halisko state.

The Delta region, the Netherlands.

Marshy borders of the river Demini, the northwest of Brazil.

The Green River, Utah, USA.

The place the river's Ganges inflow into the Bay of Bengal, Bangladesh.

The largest inflow of the Amazon river- the river Negro, Brazil.

The Kamchatka peninsula, Russia.

Ephemeral salty Lake of Disappointment, the western part of Australia.

The largest glacier on Alaska - Ice Shelf of Malaspin, the Gulf of Yakutet.

Sandy dunes (up to 300 meters in height) - Namib desert , Namibia.

The river Niger delta , the southwest of Sahara desert , Mali.

The Syrian desert.

Oasis of Terkezi, Sahara desert, Chad.

The largest glacier in Europe - Vatnajökull, the Southeast of Island.

The Chilean and Argentinean volcanoes.

The Volga rivers pool, Russia.

The Western Fjords peninsulas, the northwest of Iceland.

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