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Above And Inside The Canyons

Canyon1 1
Antelope canyon is a giant chink in sand rocks created by wind and water during several centuries.
The canyon entrance is located on the territory of the Navajo people which carry tourists there in an open truck.

Canyon1 2
The very entrance.

Canyon1 3
Closer to the "ceiling" the walls become more pressed to each other and there is little sunlight inside.

Canyon1 4

Canyon1 5

Canyon1 6

Canyon1 7
It is even more beautiful above the heads.

Canyon1 8

Canyon1 9

Canyon1 10

Canyon1 11

Canyon1 12

Canyon1 13

Canyon1 14

Canyon1 15
The canyon is practically unnoticeable from the height.
Canyon1 16
In the very end it widens, fills up with water and flows into a lake.

Canyon1 17
And this is how the canyons look like from the helicopter.
Canyon2 1
The canyons unexpecdedly split whole valleys. It is usually impossible to cross one without a bridge. Rivers flow along some of them, often icebound.
Canyon2 2
"Goose's neck" canyon.

Canyon2 3

Canyon2 4
Some are so wide that they can challenge the famous Grand Canyon.

Canyon2 5

Canyon2 6

Canyon2 7
Water has carved fanciful designs in the rocks.

Canyon2 8

Canyon2 9

Canyon2 10

Canyon2 11

Canyon2 12

Canyon2 13

Canyon2 14

Canyon2 15
There is an airfield practically in every local village.

Canyon2 16
If the pilot sees that the helicopter is running out of fuel, he just picks the closest village and fills up the tank.

Canyon2 17

Canyon2 18

Canyon2 19

Canyon2 20
This airfield was close to the "Valley of the Gods"

Canyon2 21

Canyon2 22

Canyon2 23

Canyon2 24

Canyon2 25

Canyon2 26

Canyon2 27

Canyon2 28

Canyon2 29

Canyon2 30
Navajo mountain.

Canyon2 31
This is the famous "Mexican's hat".

Canyon2 32

Canyon2 33
People built a powerplant in the middle of picturesque landscapes.

Canyon2 34

Canyon2 35

Canyon2 38

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