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10 Highest Mountain Passes of the World

These are the places in world with dizzying heights, rarefied air and brutally cold temperatures. Theses passes and paths are home to the highest peaks on earth. In this list you will see some of the highest passes that are accessible and some passes which only the toughest would traverse on foot and only the boldest of drivers dare navigate.

So here I have compiled some of the highest mountain passes of the world. I hope you will like it.
Karakoram Pass

The highest pass on Earth the Karakoram Pass rises to an elevation of 5,540 m. The high altitude and scarcity of food here led to the deaths of countless pack animals and the route being notorious for the trail of bones strewn along it.
Tanggula Pass

Tanggula pass in Tibet ascends to a mighty height of 5,231 m. The Qinghai–Tibet Highway reaches its highest point of 5231 meters here, but it is more famous for being the highest point attainable by rail transport.
Tanglang La

With an elevation of 5,200 m Tanglang La is said to be the second highest of India’s mountain passes generally accessible by vehicle. Suffice to say the high altitude and the oxygen-scarce air can lead many travelers to experience some degree of mountain sickness.
Khardung La
The gateway to the Nubra valley, Khardung La is widely but mistakenly believed to be the highest motor able pass on earth. A recent expedition measured it to be at a height of 5,329 m.
Changla Pass

At 5,425 m Changla Pass is one of the highest mountain passes in India. It is the main gateway to the Changthang Plateau in the Himalayas.
Semo La

At 5,565 meters Semo La is arguably the world’s highest vehicle-accessible pass at least to have been measured accurately. Situated in the central part of Tibet, Semo La gives access to the Chang Tang region, but is high and isolated and so takes some getting to.
Marsimik La

At an oxygen-starved 5,582 meters Marsimik La is a treacherous mountain pass in the Chang-Chemno Range of the Himalayas in northern India.
Gondogoro La

Gondogoro La pass is about 5940 meters high and connects Concordia with Hushe valley in the Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan.

Punta Olimpica

Punta olimpica pass is located Peru and has a height of about 4890 meters.

Gampa La

Gampa La pass is situated in Tibet. Gampa La pass has a height of about 4794 meters.


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