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The Voice of Faeroe Islands

It is hard to choose words to desribe the nature of Faeroe Islands. The local vocalist Unn Patursson will tell better about her motherland in her song. The song is called Fjart í ringrás. Find and listen to it.
She sings that once the God of vikings spilled a handful of stones on the waters of the Northern Atlantic and everything that remained on the surface was called Faeroe Islands. That trees and bushes don't grow here. That only stones and soft plush moss are around. That the grass is emerald green due to high humidity and lack of sun light.
That the skies over Faeroe is so low that if you want to climb a cloud you may jump on it from the nearest mountain. She sings about thick frequent fogs that turn out to be the dull sky...
The song is very touching, even if you don't know the Faeroe language it will seem that you understand what it is about.

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