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The Cloudy Volcano of Costa Rica

National park of Costa Rica on the peak of Poas volcano ("a" is stressed Parque Nacional Volcán Poás). It's one of the closest to the capital of Costa Rica, San Jose city, and the most invonvenient to visit. It's located high in the clouds, 2708m. People in Costa Rica joke that if you want to see the crater of the volcano don't say aloud that you are going there. You have to plan the trip in some another place and in the last moment turn to the volcano.

Clouds really prevent from seeing the crater.

From the acid lake there goes stinky evaporation...

The depth of the crater is about 300m, the diameter - about 1.7km. The acid lake is in the center, the water level depends on a season.

The air is cold and wet here.

By the way here is an awesome forest, but it's another story...
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