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Quiet And Beautiful Iceland

The word "Iceland" ("Ice Land") was given by a Norwegian viking Flouki who was among the first visitors of the island. He climbed one of the mountains in the northern coast, saw icebergs in the fiord and started to call the new country "Iceland".

Iceland formed as a result of volcanic eruptions that had occured the last 60 million years. Only Arctic foxes had lived here, later people broght here deer and cattle. 80 kind of birds nest on the island. So one of the most popular types of rest in Iceland is watching birds.

In Iceland the farmed land occupies less than 1% of the total country area and only 5% of active population work in agriculture. The country has about 6 thousand farms, 80% of them belong to private persons. Sheep breeding has always been the main field of animal husbandry: in 1996 sheep in Iceland numbered 450 thousand.  In summer sheep graze in pastures of the mountains, in autumn they are gethered in sheep pens, sorted according to the marks of owners and some of them are slaughtered.  Such a system has been forming during long centuries. Mutton is the most usual meat in Iceland. It is also exported together with wool and leather of sheep. Though Icelandic farms have other animals too. 

A little cascade

A cosy place for leisure, in a forest tables for picnics are hidden. Iceland has few forests, though. There are some reserves Icelanders are very proud of, almost each tree has a sign with information about it. 

Almost no traffic, you may drive for hours and meet nobody...

Bigger waterfall

The sky here is wonderful! It changes very frequently.

Do you see a house with a red roof? Imagine the scale?

Hay on the fields is rolled up in polyethylene, half of the country is studded with such white "peas". 

Such transported houses are very popular in Iceland. This one if for 4 persons.

These animals will never come too close to you.

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