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Picturesque Painted Hills, USA

Have you ever thought about why virtually all American parks and reserves have roads? No, it's not because of Americans' laziness. This is usually because of their large areas and the fact that everyone (even the disabled) could come here and see all this beauty with his own eyes.

Most of the hills are clay-red but you can also see yellow and green.

The structure of the hills resembles the cracked after a severe drought soil.

Color transitions are quite contrasting and very bright!

Most of the hills are fenced.

All the routes are accompanied by signs!

Yellow hills.

Some of the hills are covered with strange white fragments resembling shell.

The soil is very fertile despite the fact that it seems to be dry.

Looks like a juniper.

Mountains in the distance seem to have the volcanic base.

On the road.

It seems amazing that something grows in such clay.

Curious that the hills do not lose their color even though after each rain water flushes the breed and color away.

Roads among the red hills.

Here it really seems that you're on the Mars.

From the other side of the red hill.

All sorts of beautiful flowers grow in the cracked soil. .

Having gone down to the parking lot and covered a few hundreds of meters you find yourself near these hills.

They are perhaps the most beautiful and picturesque.

Amazingly beautiful.

Somebody admiring them.

Some places seem to be the dried bottom of the sea.

Not far away from the hills one can see wigwams.

And different formations.

Of different colors.

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