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After the Eruption of Merapi Volcano

Almost a year ago, in October, 30th, began an eruption of Merapi volcano on Java island. Yogyakarta city that is 26 km away from Merapi was covered with a thick layer of volcanic dust. The airport was closed, locals moved wherever they could. The government evacuated about 75 000 people. Most people died in the night when the eruption began, people were sleeping and couldn't notice the fires brought by the fire stones. The volcanic dust reached the temperature of 600 C. About 350 people died.
Let's look how the village Kinahrejo looked this spring. 

The landscape has been incredibly changed by the mudflow.

Dangerous! Forbidden to cross this boundary.

Locals who survived now have their income from tourists. The sell soda and postcards with images of smoking Merapi. 

The sign warns about the precipice.

Nobody home...

It has been hellish! Merapi erupts once in 7 years. It's the most active and dangerous volcano of Indonesia. In 1930 it took 1300 lives away.
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