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Art of Chocolate

Some people may unabashedly crave chocolate and consume it as fast as they can rip away the wrapper. However, by doing so, they miss on some serious creativity and artistic thinking that modern chocolaters are putting into their products. In this article we’ll see some very yummy and eminently edible chocolates … totally not healthy (but you know all about that)
 Art of Chocolate

An Epic Fail for Easter Bunnies
These chocolates are a little bit better than Easter Bunnies, trust us on that. Some of these treats will cater to your inner geek (you know, “not by bread alone”), while others may even interact with you, before you eat it.
Precision Engineered Chocolate Tool Set:
- more info
 Art of Chocolate
Use this tool set to make more chocolate:
 Art of Chocolate
Chocolate Human Skulls (Actual Size!)
- more info
 Art of Chocolate
Not that morbid, but still could be a strange experience to bite into:
“Body & Soul” by Gaku Otomo:
choc16 Art of Chocolate
(art by: Gaku Otomo)
Tokyo’s Chocolate is something else again
Want to have a taste of some sweet destruction? Imagine yourself being a Godzilla on a rampage of a chocolate city:
- more info
choc14 Art of Chocolate
(art by Naoko Tone and Atsuyoshi Iijima)
Or let your chocolate properly germinate:
 Art of Chocolate
(art by Yoji Ishii)
This must be still the most obvious chocolate sculpture choice:
 Art of Chocolate
(art by Marcus Tomlinson)
To go even more complex: here is the WORKING chocolate sculpture record, playing actual sounds! -
choc05 Art of Chocolate
(art by: Tom Vincent)
A lot of these sweet creations were shown at the Tokyo Chocolate Exhibition.
Lagrange34 brings chocolate into the “wild and wonderful” world of Italian Design:
werwerqwere Art of Chocolate
Eat these contemporary chocolate blocks in your modern pad, surrounded by works of abstract art and “Wallpaper” magazines.
Bitter-sweet medium for a bittersweet art
Horatio Law makes a touching statement in making a life-size digital portraits of Oregon children, adopted from China – from all sorts of candies: jellybeans, lifesavers and m&ms:
 Art of Chocolate
sdfgtrtyhrt Art of Chocolate
What’s even more profound, he takes the war & violence images from the world news… and replicates them with candy:
 Art of Chocolate
(images credit: Horatio Law)


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