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Most Beautiful Fractals

Fractals are infinite, possessing infinite beauty.

Be careful when exploring the linked galleries on this page - they just might suck you in, and you'll be gladly lost to the world for some blissful time. But this is exactly what fractals do best - make you explore and gasp from discovering new vistas of harmony, turn after turn, step after step.

Nicholas Rougeux from C82 consistently makes the most beautiful and inspirational fractals - now available for purchase on Zazzle and Deviant Art -

Cory Ench is another undisputed maestro of fractal compositions. His gallery is like a world in itself - capable to make you to forget your surroundings and plunge into a mist of their convolutions (make sure to click to enlarge the images - these are only sectional previews) -

Cirque du Apophysis

"Apophysis" generator allows you to create your own fractals - so the "cat is out of the bag" now, and many creative souls embarked on the artistic quest for the perfectly enchanting fractal art.

Joe Clark has an impressive array of fractals in his many galleries, a lot of them made using Apophysis generator. A few look positively organic, like something almost alive:

Like some portal in time and space: "Turbulence" -

Another "dance of light" - Fandango:

We've featured "Flame Fractals" of Roger Johnstone before, but this image is an interesting take on fractals as a performance in itself:

Fractals take on a spiritual aspect, when placed inside a cathedral:

Peggy creates beautifully romantic fractal images (using other layers of photography and particle plug-ins):

Here is a glorious abstract work of art "The Origin of Colors":

Nature still creates the best fractals

Witness this 100% natural window frost:

Water vapour on a bottle of mineral water:

Trees... have a fractal "magic" of their own:


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