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Bizarre Celebrity Portraits Made out of Trash

The San Francisco-based artist creates portraits of celebs using pills, candy and all kinds of junk, from car parts to beer bottles. The items are often donated by the stars themselves. Artist Jason Mecier says that many celebrities have bought the work they inspired. His portraits start at $1,500, and each one takes at least 50 hours, he says.

Kim Kardashian

Lady Gaga

Barack Obama

Taylor Swift

Donald Trump

Shirley Bassey

Michael C. Hall as ‘Dexter’

Mary Louise Parker

Kathy Griffin

Anna Nicole Smith

Morgan Fairchild

Taylor Lautner

Margaret Cho

Heath Ledger


Nicolas Cage

Frida Kahlo

Michael Jackson

Kelly Osbourne

Conan O’Brien

Tina Fey

Chris Rock

Rosie O’Donnell

Faye Dunaway

Ricki Lake


Scissor Sisters


Stevie Nicks

Courtney Love


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