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After the Eruption of Merapi Volcano

Almost a year ago, in October, 30th, began an eruption of Merapi volcano on Java island. Yogyakarta city that is 26 km away from Merapi was covered with a thick layer of volcanic dust. The airport was closed, locals moved wherever they could. The government evacuated about 75 000 people. Most people died in the night when the eruption began, people were sleeping and couldn't notice the fires brought by the fire stones. The volcanic dust reached the temperature of 600 C. About 350 people died.
Let's look how the village Kinahrejo looked this spring. 

Fabulous Night Photography of Stars

Beauitful view of Stars

Night Photography means to capture any picture between sunset and sunrise. You can capture the wondrous beauty of nature like moon, twinkling starts and there light on the earth. Here you can learn about star photography and see the delicate views of starts.
Star is a natural luminous body visible in the sky at night. Star Photography means capture pictures of beautiful views of twinkling and shining starts on the sky. It is a wonderful art that inspires the human easily.

Amazing Stars posted

Exotic Art of Leaf Carving

Amazing Leaf Carving  Artwork

Leaf Carving:
It is an art of manual removing the surface of a leaf. In this process the artists remove without cutting of veins. It is a very complicated and difficult work to produce some animations on the leaf.
This art derived from china. The artists of china make different, nice and delightful pictures by using this wonderful art. Mostly they use leaf of a Chinar tree because that leaf is bigger in size then others and also have a good shape.
You can make this leaf by using a complete process like the leaf blade forms a permanent pigment. After that, use an anti aging treatment which helps the leaves in durability. After the complete process the leaf looks strong, natural and wondrous, and also use for great gift for your love ones.

Leaf Carving Artwork  babies

Mount Kilimanjaro - The Roof of Africa

Kilimanjaro is this the highest peak on the African continent. It is located in Northeast Tanzania, near the Kenya border. It is one of the world’s most accessible high summits for visitors around the world. Kilimanjaro is a volcano. Kilimanjaro consits of three distinct volcanic cones: Kibo 19,340 feet (5,895 meters), Mawenzi 16,896 feet (5,149 meters) and Shira 13,000 feet (3,962 meters). Kilimanjaro has 2.2 square kilometers of glacial ice and is losing it quickly due to global warming. Climbing Kilimanjaro is easy and requires no experience with climbing. You should only take care from improper acclimatization and altitude sickness.

Beautiful Farm - Spring Is On The Way

Beautiful Pics Above and Below the Clouds

Colorful Mixed Pictures for your Eyes

Natural Colored Sky in Norway

Beautiful Clouds

Malang, Indonesia

Natural Jewels After Raining

Seems Like The Same Wallpaper

Coin-Covered Wishing Trees

People believed that a person suffering from an illness could hammer a coin into a tree trunks and the tree would take the illness away, but if someone removed the coin, they themselves would become ill. Whether some folks still believe this legend, or they do it simply because it’s fun is still a mystery, but the fact is this bizarre habit has spawned some pretty unbelievable sights that apparently unique to the UK.

Under Waves Of Sea - Beautiful Photography

3D Cool Nature Wallpapers For Desktop

Surging Tide of Qiantang River, China - Wonderful Photography

The Qiantang river, running from the west to the Hangzhou Bay, is known for its tidal bore, caused by the tide rushing into the river from the bay. The tide bore generally travels up more than 10 meters high. It is very dangerous but also creates the marvelous spectacle!

Annually, lots of people from both home and abroad are attracted there to watch this natural wonder, and in Hangzhou, citizens living around the Qiantang River hold various activities to celebrate the International Tide Watching Festival, which opens August 16 in the Chinese Lunar Calendar every year.