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10 Most Beautiful Lake Destinations

Every vacation, hike or adventure has its best part around a lake where you camp and bonfire at night. Nature decorates water perfectly with the scenic beauty around it, some of which really stand out.
Here we have compiled a list of some of the most beautiful lake destinations around the world. We hope you will like it.
Lake Tahoe
Lake Tahoe, North-America
Sitting in the heart of the Sierra Nevada range, this placid lake with its clear blue water is ideal for camping. You can just sit by the water and un wind after the daily stress of your life
Lake Derwent

If you visit the beautiful Lake District of Wales this lake is hard to miss. Surrounded by green hills, this lake provides an eternal serenity to mind and soul. It is the ideal location for quiet a vacation.
Lake Ullswater
It is the second largest lake in Lake District. It snakes in the valley providing a gorgeous view by the hills that surround it. Camping on the shores of this lake is a once in a lifetime experience.
Lake Bratan, Bali
Bali-Lake -Bratan
Resting high up on the mountains, this serene lake is famous for the temple situated in the middle. Tourists swarm this lake every year looking for spirituality and peace.
Lake Ennerdale
lake Ennerdale
This is the most remote lake of Lake District but the lack of accessibility odes not deters tourists from experiencing the sheer beauty of this heavenly lake.
Lake Crater
Lake Crater
Situated in the heart of Crater National Park in Oregon unites States. This lake is famous for its blue water, purity and clarity. Nick named as the ’Deep Blue Lake’, it is a sight o behold in spring.
Lake Gunn
Lake Gunn, NewZealand
Resting 75 km Te Anau in New Zealand, this lake is surrounded by ferns on all side. A walk by the lake is a lifetime experience.
Lake Panong
Pangong Lake, india
Situated at the border of China and India, it lies at a height of 4350m and its one of the most miraculous a d exotic of natures creation since it is surrounded by dessert. The water is crystal clear and blue and people travel miles just to catch a sight of it
Lake Louise
Lake Louie, Canada
One of the most sought after tourist locations in Canada, tourists visit Lake Louise from four corners of the world. Surrounded by pine trees, this like surreal in the truest sense.
Lake Atitlan
Lake Atitlan, Guatemala
Surrounded by the picturesque Mayan villages, this lake attracts tourists in huge numbers each year to Guatemala.


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