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Spellbound Forest: Turkey Like You've Never Seen It Before

Haze, coniferous forest, hoarfrost. Someone will look at it and exclaims: "Turkey?!" Yes, it really is! To be more exact - Uludag massif, not far from Bursa city.

Spring, middle of March, snow has already melted but here the ground and branches are covered with heavy hoarfrost.

If rays of light get through the clouds everything around starts to play with new, even brighter colors. Miraculous, spellbound forest!

Frozen hoarfrost is melted already by the hot spring sun, but only for some minutes. Then again, it gives way to dense fog and rime.

It is pity that such a beauty never lives long, soon it is killed by the sun, the fairytale disappears for a year, till the next March...
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